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To our valued customers,

I write this today with an extremely heavy heart.

As you probably know, June 1, 2015 a fire at my shop forced me to shut the doors.
My plan was always to re-open and I truly believed that would happen at some point.

Since that life changing day, I have spent countless hours and many sleepless nights trying to make sense of why this

Three years in and the business was going in a direction that made me very proud and happy to go to work every day. I truly
felt, despite the normal speed bumps facing any business owner, the shop would continue to operate at a high level and I was
excited for the future.
As John Lennon said, "life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."

It seems my plan was not to be.

The last six months have been a lot soul searching that ultimately led me to the decision that re-opening Eurosport Park
Avenue is not the course for me anymore. It has been a tough and painful road to get to that decision but ultimately I believe
that is what's best for me.

Eurosport Park Avenue is officially closed for business.

To all of you who put your faith in me and to those of you who followed me from Phil Smart, I want to personally thank each
and every one of you for your loyalty. Without you I never could have fulfilled my dream of becoming a business owner.
I thank you for your business but more importantly for your friendship. I will never forget that and looking forward to
continuing these relationships that have grown so dear to me.

I will be moving on and doing something else. What? Good question.

But those of you who know me well know I'm a survivor who will continue to fight the good fight every day.

As sad as I am to close the doors of Eurosport Park Avenue, I know my next move will be the right one for me. And I look
forward to bringing you along on that journey.

Richard Hull

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